Published: August, 22th 2005 Gmail Attachment Forward Tool
Quick forward your gmail to another mailbox
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Welcome to the Gmail Attachment Forward Tool Web site!

This project is a simple tool base on Java Swing and Gmail JAVA API (g4j) . Gmail Attachment Forward Tool(GAFT) allow you transport the mail with attachment file in the Gmail server to another mailbox at one time.

This project is distributed in GNU General Public Lincense (GPL). You may free to use and modify them.

GAFT also support Internationalization(i18n). The current version support English and Triditional Chinese. The language file is on the CVS server. You may help us translate it to other languages.

The Gmail Attachment Forward Tool hopes that you will find these project useful for your Gmail box.

Should you discover a problem, need some help or wish for an enhancement or a new feature, please do not hesitate to use the SourceForge facilities (forums, trackers).


GAFS v1.3.0 just released....

  • Add Search function. You can search the keyword in the mail subject.
  • Add Connecting Status which shows program still running....
  • Fix some Thread problem. Sometimes program will have strang behavior cause by thread.
  • Relayout the GUI view.Hope it better than preverious version.


The current version is 1.3.0, it can be downloaded here. It is based on JDK 5.0 and you would need Java Runtime Environment(JRE) to execute .jar file.

For latest source code you can Browse CVS Repository or get the CVS by:

cvs login
cvs -z3 co -P modulename


GAFT is a simple and easy to use tool, just some note for yours:

  • Fetch Size means how many attachment mail you want display in the table. Sometimes you have more than hundred mail in a mailbox. You may only display first to 20th mail in the table. It prevent long time waiting or high data transmit rates cause locked by gmail. Default is 5 mail, 0 is got all mail.
  • Forward field: You can send e-mail to different e-mail address at same time. Separate by "," . For example." , , ..... "
  • is in the JAR file. You may type your username and password in it.Then you don't need type every time when you use this program. Just click Connect button and leave username and password blank. Be careful,there have no encrypt for yet.Keep the file safe if you want use this function.


No one ask questions yet.....


This project is base on Gmail JAVA API(g4j). This project won't exist without them. The open source also make the world better,don't it?

  • Gmail JAVA API(g4j) for the access GMail.
  • Apache Jakarta-oro Perl5Util for the Perl text handling.
  • myPod for the file size convert.
  • Java Chinese Encoding Converter for handling Chinese encoding issue.
  • Eclipse for nice develop environment.
  • SourceForge for hosting this project.
  • Google for gmail, Certainly.


If you have any suggestion or wish function,please let me know. I will put here:

  • Support multi-file in one mail.Now only can display first attachment in a mail.
  • Support lable: Now only can list mail from All,Send,Inbox
  • Support multi-download: Let user download all of selected attachment.
  • Support edit subject and body. Now you only can forward file with original content.
  • Fix some already knows bugs:
    • When sending mail in Chinese,the content will got junk.(Any idea?)
    • The HTML filter doesn't work. Still shows html tag in body.
    • Connect thread problem, sometimes get list twice.